Give the Gift of Wellness to Your Employees 
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If you're seeking ideas for wellness gifts for employees, you're in the right place. With the right gifts, you can promote a more balanced lifestyle for your team and encourage each individual to focus on their well-being.
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Tending to the mental well-being of your staff is one of the most important jobs HR leaders & businesses face right now.
Now more than ever, it's critical to get this balance right. By focusing on employee wellness in the workplace, you can reduce burnout which has been on the rise. A recent Indeed report shows that 52% of employees are experiencing burnout. This is up 9% from a survey pre-COVID.
Employees are the backbone of your organization. If they cannot perform their best, this will have repercussions for the business. Gifting something that helps them relax and recharge can help to show you value their efforts within the company.

If you're unsure about your wellness gift options, look no further! We've got you covered with yoga classes for every level and relaxing float therapy sessions to keep your team happy and healthy. 

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Our Most Popular Wellness Gifts
A great gift doesn't always have to be tangible. Another way to bring healthy living to the office or give employees a way to get moving outside of the workplace is by offering a wellness experience!
We've all heard of the benefits of yoga - it's good for the mind and gets the body moving. With our yoga classes, you can encourage your employees to step into a mindful, peaceful space.
Even if they're not yogis, the team will love that you're invested in their wellness. And it might even open the door for them to try something new that benefits their overall health. 
*Discounts will vary, based on quantity needed.
The Gift of Floating
The Holiday season can be magical, fun-filled and exciting. It can also be exhausting and stressful. There are cookies to make, presents to buy (and wrap), parties to attend and year end deadlines to meet. Why not give your employees the chance to hit the PAUSE and RESET button by booking a FLOAT to recharge their batteries.
Who would't benefit from a TIME OUT? Give them the gift of NOTHING: The peaceful quiet of a float.
*Discounts will vary, based on quantity needed.
Yoga+Float Combo
Probably the most important similarity between yoga and floating is that they both work best when integrated into a wellness lifestyle routine. Immediate benefits will be noticed from both practices. However, more permanent and lasting effects on mood, mind and muscles develop with regular usage.
Combining yoga and floating together will provide an excellent balance between active and passive therapies that leverages the individual effects while reseting and recharging.
*Discounts will vary, based on quantity needed.
Wellness in the workplace
Nobody likes to be unwell at work. But regrettably, because no one has ever provided them with a strong push to take action to improve their health, some employees have become accustomed to leading unhealthy lifestyles. For the first time in your employees' lives, you may now be the one to provide them with this incentive.
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